Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The builders where due to start on our leak in the roof today, they arrived on time then left to finish a job that they had fallen behind on and will be back Friday!!! Never mind they always do a good job so won't complain!

The Rayburn went out last week and I haven't bothered to relight it, in the evening its a bit nippy but nothing a pair of slippers and a jumper can't fix!! I have oiled the hotplate, did you know about this? I only found out 2 years ago, so you oil it with veg oil

and kitchen roll then use something to prop open the lids slightly so there is an air circulation and it stops them rusting!!

Clever huh!!

We watched that ITV Climate change programme last night and are doing some research into 'wood pellets' as an alternative to the solid fuel we use. 3 tons to be exact,we have always been very conscious of our huge carbon footprint so I have emailed everywhere to see how easy it would be to convert our current stoves!! I'll keep you posted.

My cucumber making a bid for freedom

I was concerned about it going to the greenhouse but the windowsill is quite cold as hubby pulls the curtains each evening. As I was potting them up to go in the greenhouse look what I found

first fruit!!! Silly things! Anyway now they are in nice big pots in the greenhouse

and I shall just wrap some fleece round them each night!!

My Red caster oil plant

coming along nicely! But sadly my cordyline which I bought with my garden vouchers is looking a bit ill..............

it didn't look too pot bound but I have repotted it anyway, I might have to e-mail the jungle folk!!!

this is bed 4 looking back up the garden, the canes at the far end I will use for the butternut squash, I will make a tent like trellis between bed 3 and 4.
beans top left going over the arch, some of the potatoes are in on the right the rest will go into bins or bags then I had an awful thought??????????????????????????
I have run out of room????????

now bed 3, the end closest to me is for butternut squash then I had planned to grow sweetcorn and squash in here!!! So where does the salad stuff go???? Bed 2 is full of onions, bed 1 has garlic, carrots and parsnips in!! MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm?
Now this looks like an interesting spot..........

Once I have moved the compost bin I reckon I could make a triangular bed here, just right for salads hey!!!! Another use for that wood!!!!

Must dash got to get Tori, remind me to take you round the greenhouse! Lots going on in there!!


Joanna said...

Your garden is looking lovely, I have such great plans for mine. I had no idea about the oiling of the rayburn, will do that. I'm now trying to convince K about not getting it converted to oil. I have discovered I need to leave the wheel fully opened. I have been keeping mine alight but only little fires so I can have hot water. Things are going so much better with it. I will be interested to here what you find out about wood pellets. I have been burning more logs now its warmer as I don't need as much heat.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I usually sow salads where ever there is a little space left. You can also sow them as inbetween crops as they take little time in growing. Right now I've some salad among my potatoes as they (tatties) don't take up much space at the mo. Just a thought!

Oiling the Rayburn, eh? The things you learn on this blog. ;-)

Vallen said...

There must be salad!! Could you borrow a space from the neighbors?

Gill said...

Your garden is looking very busy (lots of veggies)
MMMMMM why do you grow your cucumbers up trelises?

Take care

RUTH said...

What a lot of excitment going on in your garden. The wood pellets idea sounds interesting...hope you get some positive abd not to expensive feed back. Looking forward to the greenhouse tour.

Naturegirl said...

Busy busy you are so busy with all that green happening in the garden and greenhouse! We had our ~~~FIRST~~~ decent day today to get out into the brown barren garden! I cleared away a lot of dead growth that I leave up for winter interest so now the body aches...but oh how wonderful it was in the garden at long last!!!
Yes link me I would love that!hugsNG

mrsnesbitt said...

Our Aga is now having a rest, a sure sign summer is on its way!