Saturday, November 01, 2008

My 30 Day Challenge

Day one of my 30 day challenge. To post every day of November.

Here goes.........

Today I had to clear the ironing pile in K's room as she is coming home tomorrow for a week. I use her room for the ironing and whilst in there I found where Jake has been sleeping recently!

He had made a cosy bed on her pillow and as you can see I've popped some coat hangers on there!

He also likes to get under things, like the Zebra cover, as you can see that is all rucked up and then during my ironing marathon he decided to get under the pillow!! Definately not your usual cat!


Knitty said...

Good luck with your 30 day challenge! You may want to bank some entries if you're like me. Some days I have lots of really *important* and *interesting* things to say while others might make someone wonder if I need to get out and get a life. LOL!

That phrase doesn't really apply to me though. Like you, I am never bored and can't imagine how I fit work into my daily schedule for so many years!

Petunia's Gardener said...

I look forward to visiting with you each day, as the daylight hours grow shorter and the rains longer! I love your list of blog links & their last update. I see that is a new feature by blogger. Were you able to convert your former link list or did you reset up each one in this new "tool"?

We have to really watch ourselves, or we'll end up with the clean clothes going on the guest bed until we have time to put them away. And if we didn't keep the door shut, one of the cats would always curl up in the middle of the clean clothes! THey sure know how to find "the spot" especially if you don't want them there.
See you tomorrow!

Libbys Blog said...

Petunia I had to create a whole new list!!!

Knitty: I will have to look into how to 'bank' my entries as it may be needed!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Good luck with your 30 day challenge!

LOL, love the pic of Jake under the pillow, how funny he looks with that pillow on top of him looking very wobbly.