Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Frost

I was caught out abit today, by the weather!! I know, the weather forecast has been predicting this cold snap for awhile, but who believes a weather forecaster nowadays anyway??

At 0800 when I went out armed with camera to check if the greenhouse was alright it was pretty chilly -3.7C I think. I love these mornings especially now my Rayburn is lit and we are all cosy inside!

I must apologise for the pics, not the best I've taken, but you can see how badly the frost has hit some of my plants

The Tree Fern doesn't look affected by the frost

but it has some scorched leaves.

then the beautiful colour of the leaves of my Rocket Tree

further down the garden by the pond the Gunnera and banana, all floppy now..

The little greenhouse still to be bubble wrapped

Whilst the big greenhouse all wrapped up and with 2 Frost Stat heaters in

the plants look good, No wonder when you see how warm it is in there!!!

Even after the hectic weekend and the drive back, plus it always seems to take longer to recover from the hour change nowadays, I decided the Brugs had to be saved, they can usually take one bad frost, but I'd hate to lose them because I could not be bothered to bubblewrap the small greenhouse.

So I chopped back bananas, gunneras, chopped back the Brugs, bubblewrapped the small greenhouse and moved all my small brugs into it.

Now my patio looks like this

Down by the pond looks like this

Inside the little greenhouse looks like this.....

Off for a cuppa now!!


JJ said...

Gosh, Libby, it did hit you didn't it? We had sleet last night (friends south of the river had snow!!), but it wasn't frosty when I saw Paul off to work at 8.30. Everything still intact, but I went to Homebase and panic-bought fleece anyway...

On an unrelated note, but seeing the poem you have, on our travels around New England, I saw a group of ladies of a certain age, all wearing purple clothes and red hats. Must be a growing-old-disgracefully buddy group! If only I'd been quicker with my camera.

Cheryl said...

We had our first frost a couple of weeks ice storm last night.....sitting in front of a log fire tonight.......

Yolanda Elizabet said...

We had our first frost 2 nights ago. But fortunately it was only a very light nightfrost and my plants were undamaged. I put them all inside yesterday and I'm glad I did because we had quite a frost last night.

Hopefully your beautiful brugs will all survive. Your bubble wrapped greenhouse looks very toasty.

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness, look at your frost! I'll bet you really enjoy that greenhouse about now. The weatherman has been warning us that it will be getting down below freezing soon in the Hill Country as well. My fish have their heater, but everything else is at the mercy of Mother Nature. Ah well. I wish I could have a hot cuppa with you, dear Libby. Stay warm! :-)

Dawn said...

P.S. I should have said it will only get below freezing here at night thus far; not during the day yet that I know of. So I have nothing to complain about at all. :-)

Cheers Again!

PlantBuddy said...

Have you tried orchids in your greenhouse? I grow mine on a windowledge--phals. catts., and dendrob.

Libbys Blog said...

No I have never tried orchids! I'm not sure that it would be warm enough in the green houses as they are heated to just keep the frost at bay, apart from the fact I'm not sure I have room!!!