Friday, September 05, 2008


I have been avoiding my blog this last week!


After much discussion here it had been decided that I have to find a new home for the chickens!!! Something I'm not very proud of as I believe an animal is for life, but when it comes to back problems, the priorities change. Every week even when the chooks where at my neigbours enjoying a large plot of land I have to bend to move the fencing, bend to move and clean the Eglu and for two days after I suffer.
Even on a foggy morning with help, I still suffer.

So I tried to rehome the chooks seperately, but it became obvious that this was not going to happen. So I put them on the omlet forum where I received a very positive response, in fact the very first response was from a Green Flag School and an exceptionally enthusiastic teacher.

Anyway to cut a long story short they have now gone, lock stock and last bag of aubiose to there new home on the large allotment at a green flag school.

I shall miss them and there odd ways, mostly there yummy scrummy eggs, even buying free range eggs you could tell the difference. Last week I had to buy some and I bought the most expensive and you can still tell the difference look

but fortunately for me my neighbour has 5 chickens and is inundated with eggs, so we shall be coming to an arrangement!

In the meantime Jake is busily exploring places, whilst my two sleep

Sassy and Tango are aware there is another cat in the house, as they have now heard him and smelt him around, so T and I constructed a special door for her room, which is an exceptionally tight fit and means we can go out and leave her door open withour any fear of a fight occuring.
Here is T demonstrating!

I think it will be along time till we let him out, out, if you see what I mean. At first we thought he was deaf, although I still have my suspicions. K commented that he was the first cat to follow her into the bathroom and remain there whilst she flushed the toilet. He also does not respond to his name, which could be alot to do with the fact that I'm not sure he was ever called in? We tried various tests like ripping paper, jingling keys but I wonder did he see movement first? He never comes when called, is not bothered by the hoover, mine scatter and leave home when the hoover goes. When he enters a new room he searches it from top to bottom with no fear of exposing himself, stretching up to full height to reach shelves etc.

He has only one set of whiskers above his left eye and none above his right! He plays alot and has a really loud meow. So until he responds he will not be allowed out.
My two have passed the netted door, Sassy at great speed and Tango rather more slowly. On both occasions I witnessed it, Jake was sat the other side and did not seem in the least bothered. The next step will be a cage in the kitchen, my neighbour has one which we will borrow. But I think that will be awhile off yet!

In the meantime the feral is still about at night, my two will not use the state of the art, very expensive microchip cat flap I bought, unless it is in normal catflap mode. So I have to call them in at night and lock the flap.


Cheryl said...

Sad to hear about the hens.......and I know what you are saying about friend keeps chickens and the eggs are the best.

I find the cat story so interesting...........only ever having dogs, I never realised what was involved when you bring a new cat in.......

By the way when is the Indian Summer arriving?????

lottie said...

Glad to hear that you found a wonderful home for your chickens and can totally relate to how you feel - as a fellow back sufferer.

You did what was best all round- before winter when things would be so much harder.

Aubious is like gold dust now - there has been a crop failure - so I have had to resort to use something else

Yolanda Elizabet said...

So sad to hear about the hens but I think you were absolutely right to do it as your health is so important. And I'm very glad that you have found a good home for them.

About Jake: there is a test you can do, the BEAR test which has to be done by a specialist, to see if he's really deaf in one ear or both, hard of hearing of just plain ignoring you. ;-) After that test you will know for sure. If he is deaf then it will be more difficult for Jake and Sassy and Tango to learn how to get along but not impossible.

How sad about your neighbour's cat that was attacked to the tune of 140 pound. Poor cat and poor owner.