Monday, August 25, 2008


Have you been watching the Olympics?? Although I have been sooooooooo busy, I still managed time to watch! Didn't Great Britain do well! 4th in the Medal table! Better than in 1976 when we got one medal (Brendan Foster)! How do I remember this well hubby used to do athletic statistics before he met me and is a mind of information!!
So the count down to the London Olympics begins, I wonder if it will all get built on time????

I must apologise for being absent, my feet have hardly touched the ground in the last 10 days and I have another 10 to go! Hectic isn't the word.

So a quick update!

Cats Olympics!

Both my cats are Gold Medal winners in my eyes, although occasionally they could easily get the wooden spoon!

We now have a new cat flap Sureflap its operated by their microchips. So we can have no more unwanted visitors.

If I had been a betting person, I would have laid bets that Tango would have been fine with it and Sassy not. It has in fact turned out to be the other way round! Sassy pops in and out, no problems, Tango hates it, to the state where he won't use it, he goes out fine, But will not come in unless someone opens a door for him!
I think its the 'click' it makes, he jumps everytime. If I kneel down and have a plate of pilchards and hold the flap open, he will come in, it still clicks but he will come in! He is exceptionally jumpy in the house, I think the cat fight the other week has really unsettled him!

I have Feliway, plugged in around the house. I can highly recommend this, so hopefully things will calm down, in the meantime he gets called in at night, then I lock the catflap, otherwise I don't sleep! I'm a real worrier!

Not the best time to introduce a new cat to the house, but we have no option! Sadly our neighbours are moving and they can't take 'Jake' with them. We have fed and looked after him reguarly over the last 4 years, he is a lovely cat. T adores him. So I have read 'The Cat Whisperer' and Cat vs Cat so we are set. This will be a long and very slow process, hopefully it will work, there is a back up plan if not! He moves into T's room today! When I have a photo of him I will post it!

Garden Olympics.

No Golds here!
To be honest this years weather has not been the best for veggie growing, and I have been extremely disappointed! The only really good crop has been the French Beans 'Trail of Tears' curtousy of Lottie! Still going strong!

Shed Olympics!

Have you got a shed, do you use it properly or is it a bit of a dumping ground! Well as our house is well, on the small side, if we can't fit something in here, the standard answer is 'put it in the shed'!
Now we have not touched the shed for a year and it had got to the stage where we:-
1. could not see the floor!
2. could no longer find anything!!
3, could no longer fit anything in!!!
So I thought it was going to be a long process, so had set aside the Bank Holiday Weekend to work on it. Fortunately for us the weather was OK ish! Now like a wally I forgot to take a before photo. But rest assured you could only take four steps, in only one direction and that path through was only about 10 inches wide!

Here is all the rubbish we took out

I am Freecycling quite a few bits!

and here is the shed now!

Look you can see the floor, and lots of it!!
So Golds all round as it actually only took us 5 hours, but boy did we work hard! Wonder how long it will stay like this??????


Cheryl said...

So proud to be British re olympics.....

Hope the cats work out.....hard work but worth it in the end I am sure.....

So pleased you mention the SHED word.....mine is a disgrace and you have just motivated me to clear it out while Mr P is still fact I am off to do it now....tks

Have a lovely bank holiday Monday....

Nathan's Garden said...

I too feel proud of our olympic team. It has given me something to do when it's rainy in the garden.

Joanna said...

I think your garden would get a gold, the weather on the other hand may not! Happy welcome to the new cat hope they all settle in well. We have been giving our shed a little attention today too, with replacing the rotten boards on the back

Slice of life said...

wow your shed is huge!!!

Hello there by the way.