Friday, August 01, 2008


21 years ago today I was wearing this.........

that little person in between hubby and I is Zoe, who if you remember gave birth to my Great Niece Madison Dec 2006. Thats how you know time has passed, but it doesn't seem anytime since I met my man!!

Anyway to celebrate I made chutney and lots of it.
I was inundated with cucumbers and I had alook around the internet to see what else you could do with them that didn't involve pickling. You see that silly little book got me going!
You can make a refreshing drink, but I didn't fancy that.
Raiti yoghurt mint & cucumber, doesn't last long.
Then I found a Cucumber Chutney recipe, not sure if it sounds appealing but I have been assured it is very tasty even after 2 yrs.
So first weigh your cucumbers

slice them thickly and mix with the thinnly sliced onions

add the spices and the white wine vinegar and cook, now this is after 1 hours cooking, wouldn't you have thought that the cucumbers would have gone to mush, I did but they didn't!

you can see them in the jars, it did seem very 'oniony' and slightly on the dry side so the last jar filled will have to be the first eaten. Smelt abit like picalilli. Can't wait to try it!

Then came the Autumn Chutney, here are all the ingredients, including the pre-prepared frozen plums

chopped and sliced and put in the pan

being cooked

Hey Presto, Autumn Chutney!

I'm quite into this chutney making, Julian Graves has a half price sale on so I'm off to buy some dates as my next chutney is going to be Date & Banana!



Julia said...

Happy anniversary to you both, and here's to the next 21 years and beyond! I saw your comment about wearing a pink wedding dress on HTUK, and it looks lovely!

Cheryl said...

Happy anniversary Libby and many more of them....

I am a chutney person to....yours looks great.....nothing like homemade, that's for sure....have a lovely weekend and celebrate.....

Ex-Shammickite said...

Making chutney... that's a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding anniversary! I hope you labelled the jars "Anniversary Chutney".
Did you go out for a nice anniversary celebration?
I'm planning to make a mango chutney... just gotta find the time.

Ex-Shammickite said...

... and the mangoes.