Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had planned to get back to blogging full time this week, but other things have yet again taken a higher priority!
Hubby is back in hospital again, taken by ambulance Monday evening with the same pains as the previous week. At the hospital they took blood, gave morphine and we sat and waited! 3hrs 20m and we saw our first doctor who said it was probably Gallstones and he would be discharging him, but would check his blood tests first. Being close to the nurses station I was able to 'earwig' in on conversations. He spoke in person to two doctors and one on the phone.
I said to hubby, your not coming home! Back came the doctor to say there where a few problems with his blood test and they where showing 'flags'(?) and as the hospital didn't know if they where going up or coming down he would have to be admitted.
We got home at 01.30. I didn't get to bed till well gone 0200 and was up at 0700!

When I phoned the hospital I was told he had had a comfortable night. 30 mins later hubby phoned to say the pain had returned and he'd been vomiting all night!!! Thats comfortable? The hospital have still not said in words what I overheard on them talking about in Accident and Emergency on the phone 'Pancreatitus'.
We where told on Monday evening once admitted he would be given a scan to confirm whether it was Gallstones. When I went to visit him yesterday, he didn't really want visitors, so I left and asked about the scan, nothing was booked for yesterday or as far as they could tell for today either!!!!

When I spoke to our private medical insurers, apparently, because he has an 'acute' problem he can't transfer over to the Private sector (on our insurance)and has to be discharged by the specialist not by himself. But once discharged and if this reoccurs we can then go private!

So now we wait!

We are all pretty bushed, but on the plus side T went and signed up as a volunteer at our local 'Scrapstore' we have had long discussions about her getting a job, but she really only feels confident working in a library and sadly there are not many of those jobs available here, so I suggested she became a volunteer somewhere and she chose here and went yesterday and had a ball!
I can't recommend 'Scrapstores' highly enough if you craft then do see if you have one in your locality and support them!


Auntie Noo said...

You must be exhausted. Hope they sort MrLibby out soon, Hugs x

Julia said...

Very sorry to hear your husband's poorly again. It all sounds very painful and worrying. I don't know a lot about pancreatitis, but my mum and two of my best friends had gallstones and had to have their gall bladders out. Mum remembers that the pain was so bad it felt like she was having a heart attack. I hope they get him in for a scan asap. Poor you.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Poor hubby, he's not having much fun is he? It looks like the hospital staff don't really know what's wrong. My mother had gallstones, very painful. I hope he's better soon. Would going private be better for him?
Just scrolling down to your previous post.... I LOVE fresh peas. My dad grew lots, I loved podding them sitting in the sunshine, I think I ate just as many as I actually delivered to my mother in the kitchen!
And what lucky chickens you have to go on holiday in the summer. Not many chickens have the opportunity to visit the neighbour's grass, lucky chooks!

Cheryl said...

Hi Libby...poor hubby,poor you.....I do hope that things sort out soon for you both....and you can get back doing what you both do best....