Monday, July 14, 2008

Chickens and Peas

This is just part of my neighbours paddock that my chooks are on holiday in

we had just moved them here from the top and next week we will move them to the other side of the workshop. They never use this area, he just sits on his ride on mower to keep the grass down

I really wish I had this as I can now see how much happier my hens are over here, I actually feel guilty already about bringing them back at the end of summer!

We bought the new plastic roosting bars for inside the Eglu, they are fantastic and so easy to keep clean compared to the wooden ones,another plus is theres now nowhere for the 'Red Mites' to hide!! I can't recommend these highly enough.
I have no idea the life span of a chicken, we have had them since May 2006, but when they go we shall either drop down to two big ones or four little bantams! Allotment Lady assures me that Bantams don't scratch, which means I would be able to let them out and about more!

Whilst we where moving the chickens, tango had found a lovely comfy spot on their bonfire pile!!

Everytime I go down to do my neighbours chickens at the same time as checking mine, he is there! He makes me chuckle!

I picked loads of peas yesterday, we have already eaten some

so we sat in the sunshine podding them. They make a very satisfying pop when you open them

and there are still more to come. Wonder if you can do anything with the pods? I'm sure you will tell me if there is!

all vacum packed and ready to freeze for that taste of summer in the winter! If they last that long!!!!!

Now for something beautiful

one of my Brugmansias has gone nuts flowering!!!


Denise said...

Garden peas,,,ahhh the memories of my grandad's garden!

Great stuff!

Cheryl said...

Hi Libby.....I love popping pease....I always helped my Mum when I was a grandchildren help me now.

Beautiful flowers, and a lovely colour.

The hens do look happy and there is plenty of room. Nice to be on holiday but I am sure they will be glad to get back home.....

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.

Lucky-1 said...

Libby I am after some advice with your peas. I too now had a vacuumed food sealer and am wondering..... do you blanch your peas or beans for that matter before you freeze them??

Give Tango a cuddle for me and hope Hubby is feeling better as well.