Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Out for Coffee!

Hubby was feeling so much better today I took everyone out for a coffee and we met a few of his friends

He has lost so much weight!!!!

We went to a place called Chief Trading Post apart from selling lovely bronzes and stautes etc it sold lots of my type of plants!!!!

Lots and lots of tree ferns

did you know tree ferns don't need to be planted to grow!

this one is just stood on the ground!! These pics are greeny coloured because of the shading!

Bamboos' too which I have become quite partial too!
The girls thought these loungers where just what we needed.

I on the other hand thought this would look good in my jungle garden.

although we would have to have it delivered and even then I'm not sure it would fit through my house!!
Hubby has always been very partial to elephants and loved this fountain

but at over £13500 I thought it a bit over the top. Why the bamboo swing I liked was only £200, far closer to our price range! So we went off for a coffee and a large pice of cake to discuss it!!!!


Denise said...

£13,500 PHEW! Yes too much! Now had it have been just £13,000 well....you would have a bargain! LOL!

Great to see hubby looking well Libby!

Ex-Shammickite said...

I was waving like mad when I was on the bus going to Stonehenge but you were looking the other way!!!!

You could always have the big garden bench delivered by helicopter if it wouldn't fit though the house. What a great place to browse around. The heffalump fountain is nice, but a bit OTT for my back yard.

Lottie said...

Great to see hubby out and about again and you all having a lovely time as a family - put a smile on my face you read your lovely blog

Cheryl said...

Hi Libby....coffee and cake......lovely.
Glad hubby was out and about and hope that you get some good news soon.

Did you get that lovely seat, it was beautiful and would fit right in with your theme.

I love the elephant fountain, now that would make a statement....but what a price!!!!