Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy St Georges Day!

What a glorious day we had yesterday weather wise. I got alot done and am paying for it today with a dodgy back!
I did all the shopping in the morning, posted lots of parcels, a whole load of washing, prepared the tea............... then went outside..........

I unwrapped the greenhouses, which is quite a fiddly job as I take care in packing the bubble wrap away so I can use it again next year! The maximum high yesterday was 15.9C but obviously inside the greenhouses, even though all the windows and doors where open it was quite abit hotter.
The smaller one unwrapped with a piece of bubble wrap drying. I will have to tidy up my workbench abit now everyone can see in there!

The full view of the big one, I really must look into getting some staging.

All my Elephants leaves in full glorious view!

and finally my brugmansias got a very thorough soaking, my hat which should have been on my head, but my head got too hot and in the top of the picture a small radio and my chair.................. Heaven!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst I was inside the big one,unwrapping, I had done one side and the back and was steadily working my way up the other side,I kept catching movement out of my eye at the back of the greenhouse and when I looked on the other side of the glass (thankfully) was a Rat!!! Sassy was down with me but not close by as she usually is but sat just in front of the small greenhouse looking at a gap under the shed, I believe our rats have a new home, so we obviously still have a problem. So I think a trap will be purchased. Oh and to confirm the problem, I nipped in the house to get a drink and found

One reason not to have cats! But then we do live in the country and so far have not had any baby rabbits like we usually do!

I also unwrapped my bananas which seemed to have come through the winter just wrapped in fleece very well

I then went on and planted out my onions, peas and beans. As we have such a mild week, weather wise I thought I would grasp the moment! But have fleece on standby! We didn't shut the greenhouses up till 7pm last night! A first for the year! I have put greenhouse shading on my shopping list as I can see it will be needed!
Now it is raining which I am grateful for as I already have two empty water butts!!!!


Lucky-1 said...

Oh what a lovely greenhouse...... very lucky indeed:D

Sheila said...

It looks like everything survived and came through the winter well. Except the rat that is..!
We are over run with mice in our garage, and will be until the weather is consistantly warm then they will move out.

Cheryl said...

We had a lovely day to Libby but unfortunately not many of them. You are right, when you live inthe country you have to expect these things. We often have field rats here, our terrier does a good job in keeping the numbers well down.

Your banana plants look amazing. I would not know where to start. Tropicals frighten me to death. The only thing I have is a huge Gunnera and I worry about that constantly. We live in a frost pocket and its still covered in straw with some fleece over it.

Good post, hope the sun is still shining for you.

Ex-Shammickite said...

What a boon to your gardening to have those greenhouses, the tropicals look great, all those new shoots and buds, you must be very pleased! I've been doing a bit of gardening now that the sun is shining, but no time for it this weekend as it's our local Variety Show.... I'm in the chorus and one dance number.... some pics on my blog.
Shall I save you a couple of seats?

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Dear Libby, how nice to see you out and about in the garden happy as the proverbial clam. ;-) The temperature here is even higher, around 19 to 21 C in the afternoon so that makes me a happy bunny too.

I like the cosy corner you have made for yourself in your greenhouse. We all need a place like that, don't we? Just to be on our own and relax, watch the world or a rat go by. :-) But I've noticed that the rat problem is been taken care of by the cats. ;-)