Monday, November 05, 2007

Whats Been Going On?

In all honesty I have the faintest idea! As you know I've had both K and T home from Uni and college on reading week and half term! We have been ever so busy,and I've had such a blast, but looking back, I can't really remember what was done.
So cranking up the brain cells ..............................
remember I was suffering with really bad condensation in the greenhouse well a friend on a forum suggested I had fitted the bubble wrap with the wrong attachments, so it sat close to the glass, I bought the longer attachments from good old Ebay (came the next day) and K helped me get all the bubblewrap out, dry it and rehung it with new clips.................................. it worked, yeeha no more condensation!!!

We did all the girls Christmas shopping and the family presents are all wrapped and ready to go.

K bought 6 yes SIX pairs of jeans ???????????????????????????? Don't ask???

We found T a new driving instructor as she really wasn't happy with the one she had, she loves the new one. She also got an invite to her mentor's (from Abbeyfield School) leaving do, now if it wasn't for this lady T would not have achieved what she achieved at school and probably would not be where she is today, so bless her she went round all the tutors whose lessons she would be missing and asked if she could go, they where all very happy for her to go and she got the bus???!!!!??? Yes that's right 'THE BUS' all the way to the school from the college! In fact B (mentor) and T have become such good friends that they meet up in the holidays. B is currently doing a PhD or is it Masters(?) in Children's Literature and has been offered a lecturing post at a Uni! Do you see where this is going........ mmmmmmmmmmmm English, Reading, Uni Degree, Masters, PhD then Lecturing yep I can too!

The girls are both back at college and Uni now so some assemblence of order will return which I hope includes regular blogging :o) with pictures!!

Now the floodlights, well the planning committee passed them, but on a temporary basis, 6 months, which we are happy with as it gives us all a chance to see just how bad they are in winter! Ironically the owner said they needed the lights as horses get spooked when they run into shadow! So please explain to me why, since then they have only had 2 or 4 lights lit each evening instead of all 6 and no one in the arena???? I'll tell you why, because they are using them to light the yard!!! I am logging this and most evenings will take a trip past to see whats in the arena and so far nothing. No one listens, they actually stated in one of their first supporting letters to the council that they used them to light the yard for 'unloading and loading of horses'! we said they did not have the correct lights for lighting the yard all along. When they where asked the question about yard lighting they said they had 'ancillary lighting'??????? To be continued.....

So what else, well I have my date for the operation and its Friday. I am trying to get all the big heavy work done and then next week and the following weeks whilst recovering I can get on and finish all my crafty Christmas presents!

I make no apology for the countdown to Christmas, as you will remember I did something similar last year. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It also helps cheer me up. But I promise I won't decorate my blog till the 1st December. Well maybe a little here and there!!!!!!


Auntie Noo said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that seems to be super busy but not sure what at!! LOL Lovely post!

Allotment Lady said...

No apologises for the countdown to Christmas - I love it too. Glad you got so much sorted - great to have extra hands and bodies around the house.

The operation will soon be done and dusted - out the same day again? I do sincerely hope so.


UKBob said...

It amazes me that the council still allow so much lighting to go up everywhere. Apart from the light pollution it causes what about the extra energy and carbon footprint it involves. No wonder people aren't taking global warming seriously when to government bodies its only important when they can tax you on it. They want to make their minds up. Bob.

Joanna said...

Best of luck for the opp, sounds like you had a lovely time with your daughters home

Mark said...

Sounds like you have got your hands full and i bet your washing machine is too.It is amazing what extra long things will do...
I'll let you get on with your knitting.

Cheers Mark

mrsnesbitt said...

Time flies when you are having fun???
No rest for the wicked????

Both comments suit???
OK you choose!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Sounds like you've got your hands full at the mo Libby! I'm glad you got yout appointment for the Op at last and it isn't just before Christmas!!!!! I'll keep my fingers and everything else crossed for you on friday!