Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I do love the skies in the evenings at this time of year always such lovely colours

In our house we know when its starting to get cold, Tango tells us, he comes in in the morning and moans and groans then my soft husband a few years back made a bed for him on the work surface behind the kettle but above the freezers where its lovely and warm, he likes it even more if I've used the electric kettle. As the bed hasn't been set up for him yet he made himslef comfortable behind the kettle but sat on the trivit!!!!!

he is such a lovely chap!

Last day in the garden for me until after the op. So the gunnera is now cut back and covered with bark chippings, cannas dug up, some bananas wrapped others not.
Topped up on the bark chippings and look what I dug up, well actually tipped out as these had been grown in pots.

Jerusalem Artichokes, and there is alot there. Do you remember I bought some in a veg shop and they where passed there dates, they cost 50p well this is the result I've never eaten them before so will let you know.
The other bit of harvesting where Chinese Artichokes and a butternut squash, well actually my only butternut squash!

Not nearly as many as I thought I would have, I suspect where they grew was not warm enough for them. As for the butternut, well this is my second year at growing them and last year I got just one as well, we adore Butternuts but I'm not sure our season is long enough for them, I will have to think about whether to try again.


PG said...

Yummy artichokes, lots of butter and bit of Maldon sea salt, haven't had them for years.

Auntie Noo said...

I read somewhere earlier in the year (too late 'cos I'd planted mine) that butternut squash do really well planted on your compost heap! - No idea if it's true, but you never know!

mrsnesbitt said...

jerusalem Artichokes.......

Allotment Lady said...

You'll love scrubbing the artichokes - well worth the effort - they give you wind too - so I am told LOL

Tori said...

Am I the only person who Doesn't like artichokes and doesn't think they're like potatoes?

farmingfriends said...

Hi Libby,
I think your photograph is fabulous it would be good in my photo of the month comp. Your cat looks lovely. Sara from farmingfriends

Joanna said...

I'm very interested to see your artichokes. I think I have some in my garden. But as they have gone like weeds, I don't think they have developed enough to eat. I should pluck up courage and try them. I tried my butternut squash last night but it tasted more of squash than butternut. Its my first year trying them, will try again next year. I'm pleased your operation was a sucess I had been thinking of you but I did not check on blogs last week as my parents had been staying