Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time on my Hands, Not Really!

I have found it really difficult to be on my own again. As you know being alone has never really bothered me, I usually enjoy my own company. But having had a houseful since May and all of a sudden I am totally alone for 12 hours a day, quite a shock really!
The advantages are the house stays tidy....... yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I can do what I want at any time really. The only problem is I have a list of things to do, but don't really know where to start? So............ as I said I shall give myself this week to get used to being alone, then next week the work begins..........

so what have I got to do
In the Garden or outside
build the greenhouse, tidy the shed and find the connector for the water butt while I'm at it, sort out the front garden, repot the pots, weed the drive, jetwash the eglu before winter sets in tidy up the veg patch, plant bulbs, mow lawn, string up onions, make lids for 2 coal bunkers that need them. Go Blackberry picking.

In the House
paint the bathroom and sort out the floor in there, clean the kitchen carpet and have another go at the lounge one too,touch up paint work in kitchen, clean all upvc windows inside and out, wash front windows. I've painted the front door so it looks lovely and yellow again instead of pale and wane

Finish hug for Tori, slippers for mum, something for Madison, Zoe said she wanted a hug too. Plus all the Christmas things that need doing
Surprises for Christmas so can't say!!!
Make some more Bath Bombs!!

that is not a complete list either just how I decide what to do when I don't know, do any of them have a higher priority? No not really! Could they be left to next year? Yes, except for the Christmas stuff.

Right to continue the walk down the garden yesterday, there is still alot in flower, the sweetpeas have been wonderful this year, definately grow again

Hubby has enjoyed the Gem Squash, reminds him of 'Rhodesia' so definate for next year

The sunflowers where later this year, but as you can see the climbing french beans are still going strong, these are the ones that have grown whilst I've been up north. They are from Lottie and will be a definate, definate for next year.

Marigolds have self seeded amongst the gravel... such a cheerful flower

the old metal wash tub has been beautiful this year, I really love the red of this geranium, I think I may have a go at over wintering them, never done it before.

Remember Yolanda at Bliss well in the spring she had pots full of tulips, thats what I plan to put in these tubs, something else to add to my 'todo' list!!!!!

The old metal chicken feeder, with fuschias and busy lizzies still in bloom

Well I'm exhausted so off to put my feet up and have a coffee, care to join me? Sorry no choccy bics though!!!!!!!!!


RUTH said...

Joining you in that coffee...I too have a massive list of undone things! a list of started but unfinished. My sweet peas were lovely but got badly hit with mildew (actually mildew has been a terrible problem for me this year). Do love those sunflowers what a glorious colour! :o)
p.s. that was a lovely coffee.

farmingfriends said...

Another lovely stroll around your garden. The sweetpeas are lovely.
Sara from farmingfriends

Barbara said...

I was not so lucky with my sweetpeas this year, so I hope for next year (I've already taken the seeds of them). Besides I'm also writing my "to-do-list" all the time but I never get to realize is more important at the moment (and always ;-) !).
Enjoy your relaxing-time!

Allotment Lady said...

Gosh - what a long list. I dare not make a list or it would put me off starting anything.

I am the impulsive sort

Wonderful flowers

Sheila said...

Sounds like you have enough on that list to keep you out of trouble for quite a while..!
The sweet peas are lovely.

mrsnesbitt said...

Lists lists lists.........

love em! Swear by them!


Off to make a list!

Vallen said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it all. I love the sweetpeas. I have never grown them but I love the colors and their scent. Might have to think about them for next year.

~ Janice ~ said...

Wow, you have quite a list there! :o) It's a good thing you will rest up for a week first. Many of the things sound fun, and it's hard to believe it is time to start working on Christmas gifts, isn't it? Your flowers all look so lovely. I love the sweetpeas and sunflowers especially! Enjoy your peaceful home! Blessings!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Yes, I'd like a cup pf coffee and lookie here: I've brought choccy bics! ;-)

Your garden looks great Libby, very colourful. Love the sweet peas! Overwintering geraniums is easy, just prune them back (save the pruning to use as cuttings) and give very little water. In springtime you start to water more and feed them too. End of May they can get outside again and give you months and months of flowers. See, it's easy!