Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September View Down the Garden!

We had our first frost yesterday morning!! Which is worrying, especailly as we still haven't got the 2nd greenhouse up!!! Yesterday afternoon, I lit the front fire, as you know we don't have central heating, so I can't just flick a switch. It is something that is considered, as it can be very time consuming to light then let it out then light it again, but it was definately cold enough to light and has remained in overnight so has kept the chill off, which makes for a more comfortable feel!

It is a while since we took a troll down the garden, I apologise in advance for forgetting to switch the flash off!!

from the back door looking across the greenhouse parts strewn patio

hasn't everything grown, my brugmansia still in flower, cannas coming into flower too!In the next pic you can see the new very large water butt, which is in situ, but not connected! Why? Because the connector to the downpipe is somewhere in the shed and we can't currently find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mainly took the pic to show the brugmansia's in flower


Through the baytree arch, which needs cutting back. Let me know if you want some bayleaves by the way? To the veg patch, I think you can see why my poor little veg patch struggles, with a 6ft fence on the right and a 6ft laurel hedge on the left!!!!

another brug in flower, just look at all the buds!!!

Past the chickens to the building site!!!!!! Deja vu? me thinks, I'm sure it looked similar to this earlier in the year!!!

Looking to my right, to the pond and 2nd patio area, lots of brugs here too.

The sleepers which will be the base of the 2nd greenhouse, if we ever get it up?

A quick peek in the greenhouse.....

As you can see loads and loads to do but no energy to do it.. hrmph!!!! I shall give myself the rest of the week off then whether I want to or not I have to get that greenhouse up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


farmingfriends said...

Hi libby, I love the view of your garden. Thanks for the stroll down the garden - I thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather has started to turn now and I look forward to turning our aga on and lighting the fire on a night!
Sara from farmingfriends

PG said...

Lovely garden! Have you really had frost?! I was on the verge of starting our burner last night, but it seemed too early in September. I see you have chillis - nice!

mrsnesbitt said...

I had nephew 1 here today helping get the garden ready for Autumn! We have also got the chimney sweep the Aga will be lit next week! Yes, nights are pulling in and MIl has booked Taxi for Christmas Day! LOL!


RUTH said...

Libby the garden looks absolutely fantastic!!!!! Can't believe he first frost has hit you....hopefully you won't see another for a long while yet as your garden looks fit to flower for ages yet.

Allotment Lady said...

Glad you are back - your little great niece is so cute.

Your garden looks lush and stunning - couldn't see the chooks - must have a chicken fix.


Vallen said...

Looks like paradise to me.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Your garden pictures are so colourful and lush. And those brugmansias... WOW! I wish my garden looked like that! Instead, my grass is all burnt up and brown from the hot dry summer, and the flowers are starting to look decidedly tired.

Joanna said...

Your garden is looking wonderful, so full of such interesting plants. Good luck with your list I'm feeling I don't know where to start at the moment.