Monday, February 19, 2007

Task 1 and 2 completed!

Task 1:- Shopping for a coat, jeans, tights and a hat!
Task 2:- Get help and finish Maths coursework!

My goodness hardly time to breathe let alone blog!!!

Up at the crack of dawn, to take Tori shopping, she is off to Amsterdam on an art trip with the school on Friday. Leaving at 04.30 in the morning from the school!!!!!!
We where due to go and visit my mum amd see my Great Niece this last weekend, but with the amount of course work Tori has to get done before Friday, we decided it would be better if we stayed.
Anyway she needed a few bits and pieces for the trip and as she has worked so very, very hard this weekend I thought today was a good day to go! We where successful with our purchases!!
We arrived home about 13.00 had time for a quick bite before we had to pop over to Chippenham, as Tori needed help with some of her maths coursework. We got all the info needed and came back and she eventually finished about 18.00hrs. She is plum exhausted, so I said she can have the evening off! All thats left to do is finish her DT coursework (print off a few pages and stick them in) then its done. Then she has 2 days to finish some of her Art coursework and add some more work to her final piece!!
Phew!! I'd have a G & T if I wasn't on medication!!!!


Vintage to Victorian said...

I've just had the G&T for you. Hurry up and get off that medication so you can join me for one around 6.00!

Thanks for calling in. I'm surprised you had time - I obviously don't have the monopoly on running around like a headless chicken! Hope Big Bird wasn't listening - I meant no offence!!

RUTH said...

I've had one for you too. Hope you don't end up with a hangover tomorrow...LOL

Ex-Shammickite said...

Forget the G&T, none in the house right now. Have to settle for an instant coffee instead! That'll sober you up.

Libbys Blog said...

What are we like!! lol!!!

Anonymous said...

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