Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm all alone!!!

Well after an exceptionally early start Tori's gone!

She is staying here

As it is an Art trip they are going to some fabulous places. On the Saturday
they are visiting Rijksmuseum, The National Museum for Art & History. Then on to the Van Gogh Museum. Finishing with a boat trip, and dinner at a 'Pancake House'. On Sunday they are off to Rembrandt House, Foam Photograpnic Gallery which is showing Crime Scene Forensic Photography from police archives 1960 - 1986. Then on to the Anne Frank Museum.Monday they leave to come back!

Look what I knitted for her

she was thrilled to bits when I gave them to her this morning!

I am in unknown territory, I cannot remember the last time we had no children at home! Occasionally when they where little they would go and stay with my mum or sister, but this was not often, only because of Tori really, she hated being away from us/home!
So what am I going to do???? Well first of all, go back to bed for a short while. Then probably some housework, I might even have a go at Tori's room. Other than that I really don't know!!! It is a really weird feeling actually. Maybe I need to get a life!!!


Allotment Lady said...

It is a very strange feeling with an empty nest - but you get used to it. It makes the time spent with the children even better.

Enjoy - and don't do cleaning - do pampering and something that you can't usually do - make the most of the empty nest for a couple of days

Tori will love Amsterdam, I have been a few times in the past and it is brilliant.

RUTH said...

Oh I really feel for you. She will have such a great experience though and SO much to tell you when she gets back.