Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Colours of Autumn

In the UK we have so many different colours of autumn.

Grey days autumn, like today, alot milder than the past few days

Then the change from summer to autumn, this is my tree fern which gets hit by frost and doesn't actually change colour,

so why has the under leaf been frost burnt and not the top one??

I don't have many trees in the garden as its not very wide, but my rocket is the most amazing, this fabulous colour and still with its leaves

in the spring it is covered with blossom.

Then my most favourite days of autumn are bright, sunny and cold!

Whats your favourite part of autumn?


Cheryl said...

Autumn....such a lovely season....strange re tree fern?
my favourite part of autumn is clearing the winter leaves with my grandchildren....it takes me back to my childhood and helping my Dad........

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The same as yours Libby, bright, sunny and cold. Today was misty all day long something that I don't like at all because it never gets really light during the day. And no sun of course. Bummer!