Friday, June 06, 2008

Through the Lens of the camera!

The plant in the last post was an Arisaemas as is this one too, apparently they have a habit of facing away from you!!!! This one could grow to 5ft!!!

These next pics where taken by K, I sent her down the garden and said lets see it through your eyes...........
this one was actually taken about a month ago by me..

this one by K, how things have grown....

This rose is a from a cutting I got from my Dad, who has been dead since 1982, it has black spot as you can see and I can't bear to part with it!

Babs as you can see is fully recovered from her broodiness, so I recommend the 3 x 12 hours in a cage to break the habit!

Oriental poppies such a cheerful flower but a very floppy plant.

The Gunnera, gets bigger every minute I see it, I'm surprised the fence is still standing

Hubby raves about it and says it is one of the best plants in the garden.

The pond has had a bit of a tidy up, we are going to give it, its four yearly clean out in September.

My cucumbers with there new frame which attaches to the greenhouse, I think this will be alot sturdier than canes shoved in pots, just have to construct something to go across the roof, as thats how far these plants grow.

I found these seeds in focus for 49p, so bought them for K, she trots down each morning and has a chat and checks whose grown, they are sunflowers! You can never have enough sunflowers!!

The banana at the bottom of the garden!

Now some more pics by me...
This is my Egg Yam, remember it taking over the greenhouse, well it got so big I HAD to put it outside and now its really taken off....

How sad am I to be measuring leaves at this time of year!! Currently 54cm, incase your interested!!!!

Not everything is rosy in my garden,I currently have a serious problem with the banana on the patio.......

after consultation with my Hardy Tropical friends, it appears my soil may be too alkaline!!!

How soil changes in a season I will never know!! So sequestered iron and foliar feed, but how I get up there to foliar feed, will have to be worked out! I will keep you posted!


Cheryl said...

Gosh, its a jungle out there Libby.
The garden is looking great.
I expect you already know this, but if you cut some of the smaller gunnera leaves out, you will end up with absolutely huge leaves. I tried it last year and have just done it again. I saw it on some gardening programme. It worked well last year.

Hope your back is getting better and that the banana get its colour back!!!!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Thanks for that lovely stroll around your garden. It all looks simply smashing. What a difference a month makes, eh?

Just pick off al the leaves of the rose with blackspot on them and throw them in the rubbish bin, not the compost heap. That's a simple way to control it a bit.

Good news on the Babs situation. ;-)

Poppies gorgeous, Gunnera big!

I'm envious of your pond, hopefully the under gardener will built me one this summer.

No wonder you have to measure the leaves of that Egg Jam as they are humongous!

I hope your banana on the patio gets well soon as it looks a bit poorly at the mo.