Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am so fed up with these suckers that are basically destroying what could be a lovely flower bed that I am considering some re-designing!!!
I have taken a group of pics of basically the same area to give you a rough idea of the plan!!!
I think the plan is to extend the chicken run out towards the bits of fence and trellis and wood you can see.

Move the plant that is growing up the obelisk!

and make a path around to the left of the fence using stepping stones and grass. That way I can mow off the suckers, (hysterical laughter!!)

The 'Down' side to this is you get to walk next to a grotty and very old fence! I lose part of a flower bed.
The 'UP' side is the chickens get a bigger run and I hopefully should beat the suckers by cutting them off every week!!!
Still to be decided!
I thought I would show you some of my baby Brugs that are currently thriving!

and a little friend who watches over the pond!


PG said...

Terrific garden! I love long winding ones like that.

Sheila said...

Mowing them down might be the answer.
Our cherry trees drop so much fruit at this time of year, and we can't rake it all, so it eventually takes root. As long as we mow the lawn regularly it's okay, but if we are away for a couple of weeks, the seedings are woody and 6-7 inches tall..!
When I think of how I babied those trees when we planted them, I need not have bothered..!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Those suckers really well .... suck! Hope you can get rid of them Libby.

It's good to see your Brugs looking so healthy after that scary experience you had earlier.

BTW wish I had a cute little friend like that who watches over my pond. Come to think of it, wish I had a pond. LOL

Have a great weekend!

Z said...

It may be the only way to keep them under control - if it were perennial weeds, you could kill them off that way but suckers always have the parent plant to grow from. Good news for the chickens though, they love a new area to spread into!

mrsnesbitt said...

Definately think the chickens will be in favour! LOL!

Cheryl said...

I so understand where you are coming from on this post. Acorns were in abundance last year, we also have loads of squirrels. I now have about 500 oak saplings in the garden due to all the rain. Saplings in flowerbeds, saplings on the pathways, saplings in large is driving me crazy.
Well at least your chickens get a bigger run, they would be chuffed.