Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hectic Weekend

I have not really had time to think about blogging this weekend as all we seem to have done is just drive! We went up to Worcester Uni on Saturday to spend the day with K, as it was her birthday, which was lovely. We packed up loads of stuff and put it in the car. When we left, we left minus T, as the girls had invited her to stay there until Monday! So she borrowed all of K's clothes and had a blast!!!
It was very odd being here minus both girls!!!!
The weather has been foul, not that I'm complaining as the garden desperately needed it, so I have done very little.
But just so its not a boring post here are some pics of Sassy, enjoying a break in the weather!


Cheryl said...

Sassy reminds me of the cat I had when I was a small child. She was a lovely cat to. Nice post Libby.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Libby, well there are 15 minutes before we take Ella to the cattery for her holiday! She knows something is "up" LOL!
Back in a week...with lots of pics of biker leathered clad chaps for you! LOL!
Hope the anticipation keeps you going! LOL!