Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Groan, Moan! Chuckle!

I went to the garage with the car as we had a tyre problem and ended up buying two new tyres!
We (K & I) then went for my accupuncture appointment in Swindon, parked the car in the hospital carpark and realised we where losing diesel, lots!!! Went in had appointment, came out phoned the breakdown, went and saw the Caretaker guy and explained about the diesel spill which he said he would sort!
Got picked up by the breakdown guy, after an hours wait, who said, as soon as the car was on the back of the lorry, that he had to take a 1/2 hour break as he was on Tachygraph. So he went off to find a cafe and we sat out in the cold!!!!!
Eventually got back to the garage, who fixed the problem and we got home.
By now my hands are in agony, the accupuncturist, stuck needles in my feet, stomach and hands. My hands are by far the most sensitive and I could hardly grip anything, I could not have opened a jar! I was totally and utterley exhausted!
This morning after a goodnights sleep, my thumb joints are still quite stiff! I have loads to do, T has gone to college, Hubby to work to earn the 'crusty bread' and K is off to Worcester to do some filming. They will all be back tonight!!!

Fortunately I finished the bag I had been knitting the idea I got from Rooks Nest

I had fun knitting it, as you know I am a recent returner to knitting and was gaily knitting away following the pattern when it said 'ssk, yo' so taking it as it said I slipped 2 stitches, knitted the next and put the yarn over the needle and then carried on!! This bag seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and I couldn't understand why, I knew something was wrong but what??? So I re-read the pattern, got out my trusty new to me 'Knitters Bible' ah ha! So that was where I was going wrong! What ssk,yo roughly means is, slip two stitches onto one needle knit them together and then put yarn over!!!! Why the heck didn't they say that in the first place. So I had to undo the whole bag and start again! But I think you will agree not bad for the cost of some nice cotton yarn! Fun to do to!

These are on Ebay, you heard it first here on my way to Brugmansia domination of the world I am selling some cuttings, well one actually! You have to start somewhere!

My chickens

not that one!

Have laid all these in just 3 days

which is a relief as we thought they may have been for the chop this year!!!


Auntie Noo said...

We've all done the SSK thing!!! :) It's supposed to be the new way of knitting 2 through the back loop. It's best if you slip first KWise, second PWise then put LH needle in front of those 2 sts on RH needle and knit off together - it makes it lay flatter than the old K2togtbl. The bag looks great though. Hope all your soreness goes soon.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh, your bag is FAB!!! I had troubles at first too.... not with the 'ssk, yo', but at the end of row 4 I kept forgetting to do the extra YO before the single last knit stitch, so my bag got smaller and smaller! I've made a couple of the bags now, and have even gone shopping with one.... they are great! I can buy a big roll of cotton yarn for $7.77 (plus tax of course!) and it makes 3 bags.
And those eggs look wonderful.... omelettes for brekky!

Cheryl said...

Poor you what a dreadful day, it couldn't get worse could it.

Love the bag and colour. Gorgeous.

Don't be beastly, poor chicks...thank goodness they laid...I'm on their side.

Sheila said...

Sorry to hear about the pain in your hands. Knitting actually makes my hands ache which is why I gave it up. Too bad as the bag is great.
I hope the acupuncture makes a difference and you start to feel better soon.

Vallen said...

Car problems are the worst - they leave me feeling so vulnerable.
What a plucky girl you are, suffering painful hands and still knitting away. The bag is stunning.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

It was just one of those days Libby. Fortunately your chickens have started to lay eggs again and that bag you knitted looks lovely!

Good luck with selling your cutting on Ebay!

Allotment Lady said...

Well what a day. I have had lots of acupuncture - not as 'painless' as they make out is it? Sincerely hope it improves things for you.

I am so impressed with your knitting - and undoing it and starting again - with painful hands - what a star.

Now with the longer daylight hours your chooks should lay all summer and autumn - not ready for the soup yet.

I am getting 5 - 7 eggs a day - too many!

So you are on your journey to being a Brugmansia Millionairess - brilliant - every success in your new venture