Sunday, January 13, 2008

Know Me Inside and Out!

I saw both specialists last week, one for my rear end which sadly after all the ops is still itchy!! She is a dermatologist and I now have pills and creams and washing stuff to using for 28 days, to see if we can break the cycle!! Hhmmm! not sure!

Then I saw the gynacologist, if you recall the 'bum' man said after all his poking prodding and varying ops, that the pain I was getting was nothing to do with the bowel! After the laparoscopy he believed it was my ovaries, now if your squeamish I suggest you go no further as I am going to post the pics that they took whilst inside my body!!! I find them quite fascinating and you can truely answer that you know me inside and out!!!!!!!!!!

It is has four seperate pics but they are all on one photo. Maybe you can see why the bum man thought the ovaries ought to go. They are the white lumpy looking things!
Anyway the gyni-bloke said he would not necessarily rush in and operate and that he may give me an injection that killed the ovaries for 3 months and see if the pain went, if it does he would then take them out! He then did what all us ladies dread and asked me to assume 'the' position and proceeded to squeeze and squash (well thats what it felt like)my ovaries especially the right one which was exceptionally painful and since then I have been in agony!
So back into hospital on Friday with full bladder for another scan followed by an appointment with him after to find out what is to be done!!!

Some assemblance of order shall return to our household next week as hubby returns to work after his hol, its gone fast hasn't it! I gave up trying to do housework with everyone around, so I shall get back ontop of it tomorrow when K and Hubby drive to Worcester so she can hand in some assignments, drop off library books and pick up some more.
The red car goes in for repairs tomorrow so we will be a one car family for about 4 days!

Well must dash, things to do, I will try and get round your blogs this week.


Jane said...

Oooooooooooooo! Awful for you that you are in pain, but oh so interesting to see your own insides (weird..). Do you know what the orange bits are? they look like mango slices... Joking aside, I hope you get this sorted. I had Bartholin Cysts when I was younger (gyni thing) and they were awful. I could hardly walk. Get better soon Libby.

PG said...

I really think that has to take top prize for the most unusual pic I have seen on the thousands of blog posts I have read in my time...but my commiserations on your agony, and I hope you get it sorted out.

mrsnesbitt said...

Libby, your photograph skills leave me speechless! I wont ask what position you were in when you took these!
Wow! What a woman!


Sheila said...

Fascinating piccies Libby..!
My little sis just parted with her ovaries last week, after being in pain for months. Turns out one was the size of a grapefruit..ouch..!
Hope all goes well for you, and you will soon be feeling more comfortable..!

maggiegracecreates said...

I have just had a hysterectomy and I have to say - this was the best decision I have ever made. I feel so much better.

Sorry you are having problems figuring out whats wrong.


Chris said...

Wow, I can honestly say I have never seen photos like that before :-) Seriously, sorry to hear you are in any sort of pain, I hope it is sorted very soon. Best wishes to you.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The pics are fascinating Libby! Poor you that you are still in pain. I hope that can soon be sorted out once and for all. Take care!

Lucky-1 said...

Damn some people get all the good photos when sick. When I had my hysterectomy back in 1997.... I wanted to see all they took from me.... but they said not to me. Bugger:(

Anyway what a great show and tell..... HUGS and hope you are well again and the pain stopped ASAP:)