Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh Dear!!!!!!!

I love the size but I hate how much room it takes up! What was I thinking of!!!!

As it is we still managed to get the base wrong, so that has to be done again!!!!!

My neighbour as she walked down her garden nearly had kittens, but never said a word, just looked!!!!!!

So we turned it round to see if it would be any better???

My husband is so patient with me! Bless him! We have bought all the louvered windows and automatic openers.

Suggestions gratefully recieved!!


Ex-Shammickite said...

Definitely bigger than the first one. I think I like it turned with the peak of the roof facing down the garden, in line with the fence, it may not look so big that way.
But once you get it filled with greenery, it will look as though it has always been there.
Congratulations on all your hard work.

RUTH said...

Just catching have been busy. Love the look of the T. Rex; it will look fantastic in your garden. I saw the programme about green manure; a brilliant idea. The winter tubs look lovely :o) That sure is a big greenhouse but you'll soon fill it and wonder how on earth you managed without it. As ex-shammicktie says it will soon blend in once it's full of plants. All credit to hubby for his patience; shame about the prang on the car but as long as nothing was hurt besides his pride. Take care and hope the weather holds so you can get the greenhouse up and running.

Felicia said...

You'll love it when its all finished :)