Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Less Energetic today!

I ran out of green paint :o( but never mind, I found a few less energetic jobs to do round and about the garden.

so I did some pinching out. You can see my first lot of flowers, tomatoes soon.

This year I put them in pots. The green thingymejigs on top aren't cheap (3 for £19.99 I think) but they are brilliant, because it gives the tomatoes a bit more 'root' room and the water gets directly to the roots. I always put a layer of gravel on any exposed eart as it helps stop them drying out so quickly!

I only have three in the green house this year, I also have about five planted out in the veg patch and also three in my mini greenhouse in a special tomato growbag!

My cucumbers really slowed up during the cold weather but we have fruit again

The peppers are quite slow also, this is just one of them....

I recieved a parcel this morning which I am very excited about, do you remember my brugmansia from last year. I have been after some new ones. It has taken me ages to find ones that aren't white. As you know I love white in the garden but hubby says we need colour! Well he's going to get it because I have got one of these

which as you can see I have forgotten to put gravel on!!! But it will soon (hopefully) look like this

they are also very difficult to come by! Because the lady I bought it from is retiring she also sent me a cutting of one of these

how lucky am I!
Right got to get ready to go to an art exhibition, a chance to see my daughters art work, I hope to have some pics for tomorrow!!


mrsnesbitt said...

I have just got in from teaching, so am a bit tired...I thought at first 7th picturefrom the top was traffic cones ..then I realised what it was! LOL! Off for a lie down!

smilnsigh said...

Wow yes. Lovely color, coming.


RUTH said...

My brugmansia are just sitting at the moment...they crave for a sunnier garden...hopefully they'll take off soon as the weather warms up. When ever we grew tomatoes we'd cut the bottom off of an old plastic pot and use that in a similar way to your green thingys...a bit of old hoover tube down the side for watering to the roots...worked but not as tidy and elegant as your thingys
Happy gardening

Vintage to Victorian said...

I've been somewhat remiss and not visited you for a while. I see your garden has come on in leaps and bounds since last time I was here.

I'd read about the Lackham Rare Plants day but forgot about it - how annoying!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Brugmansia very pretty, looking forward to seeing that on your blog in all its glory!!

Must try growing cucumbers too, perhaps next year. Do you sow them yourself?