Thursday, April 12, 2007

No Rest for the Wicked!!!

So I must be very wicked!!!!!! lol!!!!

Well I felt loads better yesterday and as I had been ill on the day I had promised to take the girls shopping for their wedding outfits, we went yesterday!!! Have you looked in the shops recently? My goodness just try and find an outfit for a teenager for a wedding!!! Nigh on impossible! Its all bright, 60's, Mary Quant, type styles (not that I remember of course!!) or very casual. Nothing smart, so it took us forever, but we where successful eventually. The girls won't let me post pics but K has a dress that will be fine for her summer ball as well and T is not wearing black!! but we still have to find shoes for her and she wants some opera length gloves to wear, which could be a challenge, bearing in mind the colour she is wearing so I think we will try good old Ebay!!!!
T has a drama exam coming up and she has to dress in a hippy type style, which fortunately was easy to accommodate bearing in mind the current styles and K found a top she really liked but what was really confusing is K chose black and T wore a colour and both liked there outfits so much, they where wearing them round the house which was very confusing for me because I kept calling K, T and T, K because they where wearing the wrong colours!!! I think I need a lie down!!!

They are so much fun to go shopping with and T is getting slightly adventurous, trying on clothes she would not normally look at, here she is in her hippy gear....

She asked me to buy a belt for her, I thought it was for her jeans, so was totally bowled over when she appeared wearing this....

Definately different for T who usually hides under big and baggy!!!!

I hope to spend today in the garden, which is coming along really well, I must remember to take the camera out with me!
Lee (K's boyfriend) is here and the car is now fixed so we probably won't see much of K over the next few days.
After our 'fashion show' of our wedding outfits hubby says I need a hat!!!!!!!!!!!
Gulp! so we are off hat shopping on Friday!!! Although I should probably go today as my hands are lovely and clean!!!!!!
I promise to post something about the garden tomorrow for the gardening buffs!! When the girls are off I'm always erratic about posting so normal service should be resumed next week!!!!!!


Gill said...

Hi Libby,
When you say "opera gloves" do you mean the ones that come up over the elbow? Or ones that come up mid arm?

About six pairs came into our charity shop today, mid arm ones, some cream, some white and one pink pair. Some had embriodery on them too.

Perhaps you could try charity shops, or if you would like I could send you some from here. Just let me know ok??? I dont mind posting them if thats the kind of thing you want :-}

The girls look like they are having a ball

Take care

mrsnesbitt said...

Great to see you back feeling better Libby!

Sheila said...

Glad you are feeling better Libby..xx
The girls look great, and are obviously good friends.
It's fun to go shopping with them isn't it..?
T looks great and very confident..!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

I like the purple shirt, it looks great on her! I love that style, it is flattering on everyone. I guess if you are blogging than you must be feeling better. Good~!

Allotment Lady said...

Tori looks lovely in colours - it so brightens up her pretty face and shows of her lovely hair colour.

Glad you are back to normal