Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Finished Soap!

I'm a bit late posting today, due to the fact my soaps didn't want to come out of the moulds!!!!! Eventually 3 came out and the 4th as we speak is in the freezer (cos apparently thats what you do)...

and once cut up

look like lumps of cheese with chives in!!!!! Actually they smell abit peculiar but apparently it will improve with age!! We hope! I've got all the ingredients to have another go with a different type of soap, so will post pics as I do it!!

We had another meeting with Tori's school, I think they are beginning to get the message! I hope to find out what they have put into action by Friday. Anyway on the way back (well not really) we went to our favourite garden centre and yet again I came away with £65 worth of plants

Now I know you might think I'm mad, but I actually got all of these for the princely sum of £3.95 ! The bottom 2 are not dead they are dormant and you can see green buds in the top of the corms. The top and middle pic are huge! They are all ferns by the way. The front of my house is north facing so I will get some nice pots (which are currently 50 - 75% off) and pop them out the front next year!!!! Something different for people to look at!!!!
I am currently knitting a very nice cardi for my friends 2yr old daughter for Christmas. I enjoy knitting and can do basic stitches, I've never done cable!!! So there I was knitting away finished the back, fronts and arms last night. So I thought I would pick up the stitches down the right front, as per pattern! But it didn't look right??? So I gave myself a very good telling off, as I thought I had done something wrong. But after re-reading the pattern its the pattern thats wrong not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have to undo both front pieces all the way back to the armhole shaping!!!! I am not impressed and will complain accordingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Allotment Lady said...

Great bargains and your soap came out alright in the end - did you put it in the freezer?

Anonymous said...

your soap looks GREAT Libby :-}

I do the same asyou LOL, look in the "dead and dying" bit in the garden centres. I have had some gorgious fushias, they came home looking like stick, but soon took off with some TLC.

Take care

mrsnesbitt said...